Precision Machining

CDPI offers you a range of precision machining options, from basic to complex, prototype to production, backed with more then twenty years of hands-on experience. Our entire manufacturing operation is designed to give you maximum flexibility. We use the latest CNC machining technology, including pallet systems, to provide our customers with pricing and delivery schedules tailored to their requirements. And, Creative Display Panels is ready to move quickly when your needs change.

Whether you need a simple prototype or a complex production run, we have the equipment and the manufacturing knowledge to make it happen. At CDPI, our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced craftsmen combine to offer you the best value, capability and customer service in the business. Put our word to the test and let CDPI perform for you. We will redefine your image of top-quality, full-service precision machining. Contact us today.

Collaborative Approach

We approach your project as a partnership, working toward mutual goals of quality and value. Our role is to translate your requirements into products that meet or exceed your expectations. Our industry experience and cutting-edge technology gives us the ability to deliver rapid, low-risk product development from start to finish.


Our design team will work from your specifications or help you develop specifications using our software and mechanical design tools. Our engineers use 3D modeling to design and develop the functionality of control panels and control panel assemblies. Our capabilities include development, testing, and documentation to SAE AS 7788

About CDPI

We handle all aspects of the development, manufacture of Control Panels. When you need fast service on high-quality, competitively-priced panels, we deliver. Learn more About CDPI