Whether you need a simple prototype or a complex production run, we have the equipment and the manufacturing knowledge to make it happen. At CDPI, our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced craftsmen combine to offer you the best value, capability and customer service in the business. Put our word to the test and let CDPI perform for you. We will redefine your image of top-quality, full-service precision machining. Contact us today..


We work constantly to identify and eliminate work that adds no value. Our employees are trained and educated in up-to-date technologies and methods to produce high-quality pilot interface panels manufactured to rigid specifications. Our operations are supported by high-technology equipment and state-of-the-art quality assurance standards. As a result, your products are built with precision and consistency and are delivered in quicker lead times.



Custom Design

Our skills in design and cockpit integration provide seamless expertise from initial design and testing to manufacturing and product quality control. Our customer support completes the cycle for a complete turnkey operation.


We manufacture a comprehensive line of lighting and airborne components, many of which are in use by the defense and aerospace industries. In addition, we have implemented many new technologies, including night vision compatibility for many lighting components.

Supply Chain Management

We understand that our customers need on-time delivery and on-spec quality every time. We hold our supply partners to rigid standards of quality and reliability to enable us to meet and exceed your expectations.

We treat all suppliers fairly and impartially, awarding contracts strictly on criteria of performance track record, competitive pricing, quality, integrity, location, financial strength, and ability to deliver on time.

We actively search for additional suppliers who can offer the best value for Creative Display Panels and our customers. After pre-qualifying suppliers, we request quotes from those who are qualified to handle the work and who are capable of meeting our requirements and customer specifications.

Quality Assurance

Our organization is built around providing quality products, with consistent craftsmanship that conforms to international standards of excellence and meets regulatory specifications for performance and safety standards.